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Above: Charlotte and Westpoint.

Above: Charlotte and Komo.

Above: Charlotte and Windfall CB.

Above: Charlotte and Eskada.

Above: Charlotte and Eskada.

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Above: Charlotte and Monsieur.

See Charlotte riding and teaching on Komo and Eskada on




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Charlotte has owned Westpoint since he was 6 months old and he is by her stallion Windfall CB out of Kismet (by Rampal). Westpoint is now 5 years old.

Link to Westpoint's first show season results! Presents Charlotte Bredahl Riding & Lecturing on Westpoint 3rd Place 2009 West Coast Young Horse Championships -- see's announcement here: September 19 Announcement


Videos of Charlotte and Komo in 2006, Wellington, Florida, courtesy of
Flying Changes and Pirouettes
Passage and Piaffe

Spotlight on Komo and Eskada Newsletter of the KWPN-NA 2007

Charlotte Bredahl-Baker A Close Second With a Close Friend's Horse February 2006

Bredahl-Baker forms an instant partnership with Komo at CDS and USDF 7 Championship Chronicle of the Horse, November 2005


Videos of Charlotte and Windfall CB:
Canter Pirouette
15 Ones

A Warm Wind Is Blowing Riding Magazine February 2008

USDF 2004 Horse of the Year Intermediate I USDF Connection March 2005

Father and Son Win Multiple Championships in Santa Barbara, California! Earl Warren Showgrounds 2003

Fullfillment Has Come Since the Olympics Dressage 2003

USDF 2001 Third Level Horse of the Year: Windfall Yearbook 2001


Videos of Charlotte and Eskada in 2006, Wellington, Florida, courtesy of
Trot Lateral Work
Flying Changes
Canter Pirouettes

Spotlight on Komo and Eskada Newsletter of the KWPN-NA 2007

Bredahl Wins with Eskada Santa Barbara News Press November 2004

Bredahl Makes Winning Look Easy Chronicle of the Horse October 2004

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USDF 1997 Intermediate II Horse of the Year: Lugano 1997 Yearbook

North American Dressage Championships October 1997

USDF 1996 Intermediate I Horse of the Year: Lugano Yearbook 1996


Horse of a Lifetime: Monsieur The Chronicle of the Horse June 2006

Dressage Olympian Charlotte Bredahl-Baker Wins Top Award for Article in National Magazine Santa Ynez Valley News, Extra Edition, 2002

The Olympic Experience: Barcelona Remembered by Ellen Rosenberg, Dressage, August 2000

Thrill of a Life Time Dressage Today 2000

Monsieur Retires The Chronicle of the Horse 1999

To Monsieur, with Love Dressage Today 1998

USDF 1997 Grand Prix Horse of the Year: Monsieur Yearbook 1997

The Olympic Diary by Hanna Bolte, Horseplay, November 1992

Letter from the President George Bush, The White House, 1992

Below: Monsieur, still handsome at 26, grazing with his "girlfriend," Tara, also 26!