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Charlotte performed in a Grand Prix Pas De Deux Challenge during the 2009 FEI World Cup Las Vegas. She rode Cathey Cadieux's Grand Prix horse, Liberty Light, with Charlotte Nielson from Las Vegas on Midwest Dacapo.

Charlotte performed in a Reining Celebrity Challenge during the World Cup 2009 in Las Vegas!

Above: Charlotte and Liberty Light.

Charlotte has been promoted to an FEI "C" judge, which means that she can sit on international judging panels worldwide. Charlotte is also a USEF "S" judge.

Charlotte Bredahl Participates in Hubertus Schmidt Clinic in Wellington. Dressage Daily January 2009

Charlotte joined Monty Roberts on his Australia Tour August 2008. Charlotte demonstrated how the Join-Up philosophy applies to other riding disciplines including dressage.

Click for Charlotte's Dressage Today article about Charlotte joining Monty Roberts on tour in Australia!

Bredahl Dressage

NEWS & SCHEDULE  * ARTICLES   *  MENTORING   *  ENDORSEMENTS  *   REAL ESTATE Presents Charlotte Bredahl Teaching the USDF 2010 Platimum Adult Series -- Check out:

Charlotte Teaching J.J. Tate riding Faberge Sample Video Presents Charlotte Bredahl Riding & Lecturing on Westpoint 3rd Place 2009 West Coast Young Horse Championships -- see's announcement here: September 19 Announcement

Charlotte's 2011 Schedule

January 8-9. Judge at Jim Brandon's in Wellington, Florida

January19-21. USEF Annual meeting, Lexington, Kentucky

January 21-23 Judge CDI at Jim Brandon's in Wellington, Florida

March 3-6. Judge at Palm Beach Derby CDI, Florida

March 11-13. Judge at the Dressage Affaire CDI in San Diego, CA

March 19-20. Teach USDF Adult clinic in region 8

March 31-April 1. Judge LAEC CDI, Ca

April 9-10. Compete and coach at Mission Pacific

April 12-13. Clinic in Scottsdale, AZ

April 28-May 1st.Judge CDI in Sydney, Australia

May 10. Clinic in Moorpark

May 14-15 Symposium in Calgary, Canada

May 28-30. Compete and coach at Flintridge

June 3-5. Judge CDI at Raleigh, NC

June 10-12 Horse expo in Sacramento, CA

June 16. Clinic in LA (Moorpark)

June 25th. Compete at Mission Pacific

July 8-9. Shadow judge at Pebble Beach CDI

July 15-17. Judge CDI in Toronto, Canada

July 26-27. Clinic in Prescott, AZ

July 30-31. Compete & Coach at El Sueno in Moorpark

August 6-7th. Compete & coach at Spirit Eq. Center

August 8-9. Clinic in San Diego

August 13-14. Compete & Coach at Mission Pacific

August 16-17. Clinic in Seattle at Mike Osinski's

August 20-21. Hanoverian Inspection in Sacramento with Master

August 26-28. Judge in Chilliwack, British Columbia

September 2nd. Ride in Fundraiser in Santa Ynez

September 8-14 visit family in Denmark

September 15-18, Judge British National Championship

October 6-9. Compete and coach at CDS/Regional finals in Sacramento

October 17-20. Host Dressage retreat in Santa Ynez Valley

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November 1-4. Host Dressage retreat in Santa Ynez Valley

December 1-4. USDF Convention in San Diego

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