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2003 Dressage Association of Southern California Championships

Cynthia Collins

Father and Son Earn Multiple Championships

Charlottetosend.jpg (135453 bytes)Over the weekend of Sep 12-14, the Earl Warren Show grounds became the place to strut your dressage horse's stuff.

Charlotte Bredahl-Baker of Buellton, was beaming after her stallion, Windfall, and his 4 year old son, Windsor, earned three Championship titles. The trio won 7 out of 7 classes.

Windfall began the wins with a 65.250% to earn the Prix St. Georges Open Champion title. The score earned him the High Score for FEI and Hanoverians. He added to that the Intermediate I Championship on Sunday.

Bredahl bought the 8 year old Hanoverian Stallion as a 5 year old, then returned to Denmark two years ago, and bought his 2 year old son, Windsor. "Windfall was approved in Denmark for one year and I got him fully approved as a breeding stallion in this country on performance scores last year."

"It makes it fun for me to show both of them. They travel together well." Bredahl stated that both horses are very supple and share many of the same qualities."

"Windfall has a really good temperament. He is the sweetest stallion. He's incredibly kind and very laid back. He goes out in the pasture all day long. I can breed him in the morning and show him in the afternoon." She plans on competing Windfall at Grand Prix within the next year." She rides him in exhibitions, whenever possible, to help him gain experience at that level without the pressure of a show. She does not practice tests with him. "He is very bright and learns the tests faster than I do.

After an impressive 76% and high score of the show on Friday, Windsor, Windfall's 4 year old son went on to win the Training Level Open Championship. "I don't usually ride youngsters," stated Charlotte. "It's only because he has such a great mind and is so well behaved that I am riding him. He has been as good as gold from the first day I owned him. "Windsor is very supple with loose, elastic movement. He also has a very good balance." She added. Windsor is very self assured and very trusting. He's more like a dog and he loves to be with people." She had heard from other owner's of Windfall's babies that they are all like that. "They would rather be with people than other horses."

2003 DASC Championships

Santa Barbara, CA Sep. 12-14, 2003

Judges: Anita Own, Lorraine MacDonald, Sue Madden-Mandas, Gary Rockwell, Jan Curtis

Technical Delegate: Veronica Holt

Anne Safchik Memorial Trophy: Cynthia Collins on Larisa 72.5

High Score Open: Windsor, Charlotte Bredahl Baker 76.154

High Score FEI: Windfall, Charlotte Bredahl Baker 65.250

High Score Amateur: Cynthia Collins on Larisa 72.5